Interview: Me,My Music & The Industry With Jaine + Drops Hints About Official Single ( @JaneBCM)

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On Today’s Episode Of Me,My Music & The Industry, MuzikStreets Meets With BoneCold Music’s Frontline Vocalist/Singer Jaine And This Is What She Has To Say About She,Her Music & The Industry

M/S : Good Evening Dear , How You Doing?

Jaine : Good And You?

M/S : Fine Thank You.

M/S : You Are popularly Known As “Jaine” Do You Mind Telling Us About The Lady Behind That Name?

Jaine : My Name Is Ekeneme Janechantel Chidimma, Am From Isikwuato In Abia State, From A Family Of Nine And I Am The Last Child.

M/S : What Was Your Childhood Like? You Know, Most People Are Over Protective About Their Last Child And Its Even Worse When The Last Child Is A Girl , So What Was It Like For You

Jaine : It Was An Outstanding Experience, Yes My Parents Were Overprotective But Not As Much As My Siblings, They Were The Best And The Worst,Growing Up Was Fun Mainly.

M/S : When Did You Go Pro In The Music Industry?

Jaine : I Started Singing Professionally In The Year 2013 & ‘Without You’ Is My First Official Single.

M/S : Talking About Your ‘Without You’ , You Mentioned It Being Your First Single, Mind Telling Us About What Inspired It?

Jaine : It Was Inspired By A Lot Of Things But Mainly About A Friend That Was Having It Rough In Her Relationship.

M/S : As A Growing Artist In The Industry , You Most Have Worked With A Couple Producers , Mind Telling Us Who produced Your Song ‘Without You’

Jaine : It Was Produced By Echo AKA Knighthouse Guru A Very Bad Producer As You Already Know

M/S : Why Echo? Why didn’t you get another producer to work on the song with you?

Jaine : That’s A Tricky Question

Jaine : First I’ll Like To Say That Echo Is One Of The Best Producers I Know And He Understands My Kind Of Music, Also, I Want To Commend “Fazash”, The Producer That Mixed The Song, He Worked Magic Too.

M/S: Where do you see the nigerian music in 5years + what role are you gon play in it?

Jaine : I Should Be Established In My Field Of Music And Help Create More Opportunities I Never Had For Other Upcoming Artistes

M/S : As An Upcoming Female Artiste, What Challenges Have You Been Passing Through?

Jaine : Not Much Challenges, Guess They Are Yet To Come *Laughs*

M/S : Been Wanting To Ask This Particular Question For A Long Time Now, Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Jaine : I Don’t Think I Have One

M/S : That’s Quite Awkward

M/S : Well , This Next Question Is Going To Break A lot Of Hearts And Probably Raise Hopes At The Same Time *Laughs* , Is Jaine In A Relationship?

Jaine : Yes, I Am In A Relationship

M/S : It Actually Just Broke My Heart Like I Said *Laughs*

M/S : Mind Telling Us Who The Lucky Guy Is

Jaine : No Need, Since You’ll Be Seeing Him Soon

M/S : How Are We Going To Know Him?

Jaine : He’s Into Music Too

M/S : Guess We Are About To See Another Mr – X Trend

Jaine : Haha Not Really,

M/S : You Going To Tell Us His Name?

Jaine : No I Won’t Do That, Seems Unfair Dragging Him To The Public Like That, It Should Be Our Decision Not Mine Alone

M/S : Any Word Of Advise To Your Male Fans, Lovers Of Good Music , Upcoming Acts & General Public?

Jaine : You Can Be And Do Whatever You Set Your Mind To Do, You Just Gotta Believe And Be Prepared, And Know That It’s Never Gonna Be Easy

Jaine : Plus Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Have The Passion For, Sometimes You Lose Everything But The Passion Somehow Helps Keep You Going, And Always Be Prepared, Cos There’s Nothing Worse Than Getting What You’ve Always Wanted When You Are Not Ready

M/S : At This Junction We Are About To Draw The curtains , You Are Entitled To 5 Shout Outs (Make It Count)

Jaine : Ok, I Want To Give A Quick Shout-Out To God In Heaven, He Has All The Glory , My Fans And Family , Everyone That Believed In Me Even When I Thought There Was Nothing To Believe In , My Family Away From Family “BCM” And My One And Only Able Boss, Mr SPiceBOss, He Is An Unending Source Of Inspiration, And a very big special shout out to El Fuego, I appreciate all the love and support.

Without You Cover

Without You Cover

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