Wiz Khalifa Taken Down and Cuffed by Police ‘for Refusing to Get Off His Personal Hoverboard’ -PHOTOS

SpiceBoss August 23, 2015 0

Just take a second and count the number of policemen trying to take down the skinny man in this photo. The skinny man is Wiz Khalifa and according to him, he was taken down and cuffed at LAX airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard.

The 27-year-old rapper, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, just took to Twitter to share a video of the incident that had several cops standing over him as he lay face down with his arms behind his back. The officials are yelling at Wiz to ‘stop resisting’ while Wiz keeps on with his usual calm demeanor and explains: ‘I’m not resisting sir. I’m not resisting. I’m not resisting sir.’

The ex of Amber Rose could be heard saying: 
‘You can’t do nothing anyway. What’re you going to do put me into jail because I’m not going to listen to what you say? You can’t do nothing, you can talk and have all the conversations that you want to. You can end up on TMZ. You guys could be as famous as you want to be.’

See it after the cut.

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