Will you spend 7.2 billion naira to look the same after 17 years like Jennifer Aniston

Caroline March 15, 2017 0

Blink, and you might imagine it was the year 2000 again. How else can one explain the astonishing similarity between these two pictures of Jennifer Aniston, one taken at this year’s Oscars ceremony, the other 17 years ago at the same event?

From the flash of bronzed and toned tummy through her split-to-the-navel, floor-length black gown to the long, sun-kissed tresses, you’d be hard pressed to find a single difference between the two images, despite the passing of the years.

So how has Aniston, 48, seemingly managed to halt the hands of Father Time?

he answer: hard work, unstinting focus — and a litany of treatments.

Fancy trying it? Unfortunately, to have all of the treatments Aniston talks about the recommended number of times over the course of 17 years will cost an astonishing £1.2 million, or £70,989 a year.

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