Why Kate Middleton Has A Female Bodyguard

Damilola Duke September 17, 2015 0


Kate Middleton is reportedly the only member of the royal family who has a female bodyguard, and it’s because her father-in-law Prince Charles insists on it.
A former member of SO14, the Scotland Yard unit responsible for the family’s protection, told the U.K. Express, “From the start, when Kate became engaged, it was Charles who made the women-only stipulation, saying he didn’t want her compromised in any way.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s main security officer is Emma Probert, who was assigned to her after she got engaged to Prince William in 2010. So why a female bodyguard? Charles’ late wife, Diana, was extremely close to her bodyguard Barry Mannakee, who died in a car crash.  The princess later claimed he was murdered due to his relationship with her. Talking about Mannakee’s death, Diana once said: “I think he was bumped off, but there we are.”

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