Tips For Promoting Your Music/Brand On Twitter

Uncle LooN January 26, 2014 0

For an artist, Twitter can be a very reliable platform for promoting your music/brand but it has to be done right. In this guide I’ll be showing you tips which you can use to make your Twitter account a very productive platform for promotion.

  • Choose your username wisely: Social profiles are very searchable, and they usually appear very high in search engine results! Always make sure that your username is at least close to your artist name or brand. It is also wise to use the same usernames in various social networks if possible.
  • Properly set up your profile: Setting up your profile is a very important aspect in your branding. Firstly, you will establish yourself as a legitimate user and also enable you to get your branding seen by more people. Create an interesting bio and use images in your header and profile photo that talk more of your music/brand. You can also make use of the background image feature to further customize profile.

  • Follow strategically: Following just anybody and everybody is basically pointless. Try to follow people you know, people that are in the same business as you, and people that interest or inspire you. Begin connecting with others immediately.
  • Tweet regularly and constructively: There is no point in setting up a Twitter account if don’t actually plan on using it. If you can’t see yourself tweeting all the time, start with a smaller number of tweets; three or so. Also learn to construct your tweets properly and employ #hashtags in your tweets. In my tweets, I use the title of the piece I’m sharing, followed by a shortened link and several #hashtags. Adding pertinent #hashtags generally extends the reach of your tweets beyond your immediate followers.
  • Establish a reputation: This involves tweeting strategically. If you just tweet random stuffs about your day or things that concern you, nobody will be interested in that unless you are famous. Find interesting articles and images across the web and share those. As much as possible, make sure to attribute the content to the users who created it. Moreover, keep tweeting about the same subjects on your Twitter stream; establish a reputation.

  • Interact with other users: Twitter is a social media site and as such, you should take every opportunity to connect with others, especially those that choose to interact with you. Pay people a compliment, or give them a little link love. You never know what might come out of that.
  • Use a social media management platform: If you are having a hard time with keeping up a regular tweeting habit, you may want to look into using a social media management tool like HootSuite. Not only can you manage your profile directly from the platform, you can also schedule the tool to post tweets at intervals prior to when they are visible on your timeline thereby creating the impression of a regular tweeter.
  • Use link shortening tools: Link shortening tools help to keep your your tweets neat and orderly and also help if you want to track the stats of the links you post to Twitter which is something i recommend. You could consider using a link shortening service like Not only will it allow you to use up less characters for each tweet you post, you will be able to see where your traffic is coming from.

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