Tips For Building A Loyal Fan Base.

Uncle LooN January 26, 2014 0

When it comes to fans, I prefer a 100 loyal fans to 1,000 decorative fans. It is a better to have a group of loyal fans that fans2will actually support your music and come to your shows than to have a lot of Facebook fans or Twitter followers who don’t care much about a new album or music video launch. It is also necessary to build a reasonable number of fan base because among other reasons, major labels will consider you when you have a good number of fans. And this brings us to the question, how can one build a loyal fan base? Here are a couple of tips that could help..

  • Surpass the norm: Take the time to create a very good single or an album full of solid hits. A lot of people plus me are sick of albums that usually have at most 4 tracks that are worth hearing. Some artist even drop singles that makes you wonder if the artist is dysfunctional or something. Always make sure your music is worth hearing and exceed the expectations of others.
  • Maintain a Good reputation: It is very important that an artist has a good image and reputation. You don’t build fans by being in the news for irresponsible acts or having a bad attitude. I personally have a lot of respect for artists who don’t have much drama in their lives. Some people could become your loyal fans just because of your attitude.
  • Be Creative: Find unique ways to surprise your fans. Show them love in various ways. During a show, randomly pick one out of the crowd and give him a free gift if you can afford it. Engage your fans on the social networks; interact with them. You could even keep a blog. If you do this right you could convert a fan to a dedicated follower willing to do your promotional bidding without you having to ask them to.

  • Promote your music: Get your music out there through the various means available; social networks, blogs, music sharing sites, radio, etc. Post information about your music online like upcoming performance dates, etc. You could also print fliers and place them at good locations like a school campus, bars, eateries, etc. The flier should announce any upcoming shows and contain a link to your website.
  • Perform your music live as often as possible: Developing a fan base usually implies you taking the stage to showcase your talent. You could host a show for a small crowd like a club, college students, lounges, etc. If your music catches on, book shows and take trips to nearby cities to play at other venues. Take along your CD’s to sell or give away to the crowd.

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