The saga continues:Can Salt Water Cure Or Prevent Ebola?

Dope Boy August 8, 2014 0

The internet has been abuzz with this salt water story. I received several broadcast messages asking that I take a shower before 5:30 am with salt water.

The part of me which panics wanted to jump out of bed then the rational part of me said “It’s not possible “. Is salt now a vaccine? If yes why are scientists spending billions to discover a vaccine…. Also who is responsible for the report. Is this a business strategy by a group of people to capitalise on the Ebola epidemic?

True salt has antiseptic properties, it heals sores, wounds and irritations but I don’t believe it will prevent Ebola because Ebola is a Virus..Till proven otherwise,Ebola isn’t airborne just yet. As long as you don’t touch a gravely ill Ebola patient, you are fine..

I know most of you have had your salt water bath this morning..don’t lie …..

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