Queens Of The Nigerian Music Industry.

Charlene Kez January 22, 2015 0

                     The Nigerian music industry has been booming and making waves all around the world with so many songs, videos and awards to elevate their world status. Unlike centuries before when the industry was dominated by men; a turn around has occurred as more women are expanding their horizons musically.     These women are women of utmost substance with something to offer their generation in terms of music delivery. They’ve proved pundits wrong that what their male folks could do, they could equally do, if not even better.

Here are these females who have survived the gap between time and space, passed the test of time  behind the microphone, who have worked against all odds and have written their names in gold.




         Born on September 1st 1981, in Akure, she was brought into limelight on the platform of  MTN/Zain’s Advance Warning Competition where she ranked top 3.

Waje is a determined woman, with an amazing spirit of survival for a woman. Added to her quality is  that strong sonorus voice and her hot body which makes her irresistable.

Then she featured as the amazing voice behind P-Square’s video Do Me.  After that, she made a follow up with her single Kolo,  So Inspired(featuring sexy Muna), I wish and so many other amazing tracks

She’s won the Hip Hop World award, become ambassador for glo and a couple of other achievements. Waje  is definitely an accomplished queen of the industry and is still striving to become a stronger force to be reckoned with.


You can bring up the discussion about who the best female rapper in Nigeria is right now, and I’m 100% sure EVA ALORDIAH’s name will always come up.
She’s an amazing rap artiste by all
standards and an incredible makeup artist. Word Just Aren’t Enough to describe what she brings to the table. Her vocals are outstanding, lyrics are catchy , live performances are ridic. With tracks like I Don Did It, High, Deaf, Mercy, Big Biggie, Shuga(MTV) and other wondering tracks and featurings. Eva isn’t ready to stop being a Rap Queen.

What makes Omawumi so special is her unique ability to appeal to every class of people in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole.

Her choice of language to sing in (pre-dominantly pidgin) means that the woman that’s a company CEO and the
man selling on the road can relate to her music very well. Considering her vocal pitch/range, great lyrics (both playful and serious) and enticing stage performances, it’s easy to see why she’s so loved in Nigeria.

With albums, Wonder Woman (with singles Today na Today, Chocolata, and Love Nwantinti), and The Lasso Of Truth (singles Bottom Belle

, If You Ask Me, I Go Go, Warn Yourself) plus other post album singles, under her belt, and countless awards and nominations.

4. ASAAsa-Elemide-Bukola

When it comes to “Elemide Bukola” popularly known as “ASA, there’re different schools of thought as to where to place in terms of female singers in Nigeria. For us, she’s up there.

While she might not sound like your stereotypical RnB singer, she’s unrivaled in pure musical ingenuity.

She’s something like a complete musician. Writing, composing, and orchestrating her sounds to fit the kind of music she wants to put out. Her debut album, Asa, is considered a classic, and one of the best albums put in Nigeria in the past decade.



Quite a number of her male fans refer to her as one of the hottest and consistent woman in the music industry. “Nigerian Beyonce” as some call her.

She is very fashionable and full of style and poise.  Tiwa’s looks, swag and music has proven to us over and over again that she indeed is one of the hottest Queens in Nigerian Music Industry.

Her singing ability is never in question, lyrically she’s solid, performance wise she’s outstanding, and the star quality/commercial acceptability surrounding her is beaming to her fans and the world.




Yemi Alade, The ‘Johnny’ crooner might not yet be the King of Queens, as her album title states, but she’s well damn close to being that.

Yemi Alade’s ability to cut deep into Nigerian pop music is one of her most unique qualities with widely accepted singles, Johnny, Ghen Ghen Love, Tangerine and a few other tracks. Her fashion sense is equally something to look out for.

One listen to Farabale on DJ Klem’s AfroFunkyDiscoSoul will convince you that she’s got serious gold in her wind pipes.



Niyola is beginning to make her prints on the Nigerian music industry, but if you think she’s a newbie, you’re very mistaken.

Her profile took a serious upturn when she signed with EME (EME first lady) and everyone really started taking notice.

Her single Toh Bad became her HIT song, and show cased not only her singing ability, but her ability to convey emotions through her song so effortlessly. She’s quite real and passionate when it comes to song writing and expression.


The very popular Songstress “Seyi Shay” has managed to steal our hearts with her perfect looks and ever amazing music, with her well-coordinated dance steps and voice.

This singer/songwriter’s journey started in the UK where she was part of the musical group, Boadicea, and later From Above.

She hit the scene in Nigeria with singles, “Loving Your Way”, “No Lele”, and “Irawo”, but it wasn’t until her single, “Murda” and now “CRAZY” that she really struck serious gold.

The platform is set for her to potentially dominate, and so far she’s making all the right moves to do so.



Chidinma really knows how to deliver songs in a way that every class of people in Nigeria can rock with. Her single,

Kedike has become her trademark tune winning her awards after awards including Best Female West African Act at the KORA awards in 2012, and giving her the tag name Ms Kedike. Following that up shortly after with another mega hit Emi Ni Baller.


Cynthia Morgan has been known as great singer since her days in secondary school, and her mini feature appearances in Jhybo’s songs.

However it wasn’t until she released her hot single, “I Am Taken” that everyone else in Nigeria got to experience what CYNTHIA carries in her voice box.

She’s also gathering up a big fan base, and the award nominations for her follow up singles are indications that her career is taking off.

For her core fans, it’s something they all knew was going to happen sooner or later. The rest of us are just now catching up.

Behold the Queens of the Music Industry.


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