Some New Facts About the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

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Nigerians are the kind of people I like to term, ‘over doers’. Statistics have it that, most of our celebrities will go out of their financial lane just to look like their counterparts or better than their peers.
I have no problem with this development whatsoever. Like my sister will say, ‘Aye Kere’ (Youruba Language, which means; ‘Life is Short’)
Over the past year we have seen our celebrities grow into their own, make names for themselves internationally.
Make world trending moves.
We have seen our celebrities do the things we never thought was possible, but still amass a financial gain. I mean;
‘The Real Omotola’ by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
‘Unscripted’ by Jim Iyke
‘Lekki Wives’ hello Real housewives of Atlanta
Just to name a few.
The Entertainment industry is revolving. It is growing into its own.
So please allow me to open your eyes and mind to these things we think are just, ‘common happenings’ but are indeed new developments in our industry.
I call the Nigerian Entertainment industry, ‘The Silver Lining of Nigeria’

Social Networking; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Channels…
A lustrum ago, our celebrities were not as involved in online relations as their counterparts abroad.
But now it is another story, the use of social networks have increased our celebrities worthiness, home and abroad.
With the aid of these platforms their fans are up to date on the happenings in their live. They know where they are holidaying in, or their new purchase.

Make up Artiste, Stylist.
Am I the only person that has noticed how our celebrities now have their ‘glam team’?
It never used to be the case.
Now everybody has his/her MUA (make up artiste) and Stylist.
In my opinion, I absolutely love this development, it not only gives our celebrities a level of international content it also creates jobs for the younger generation.
Furthermore not all celebrities are fashion forward, with the aid of these people they become the total package.
The star package.

Endorsement Deals, Ambassadorial and Sponsorship
Telecommunications Giants started this trend I think, the endorsement deals they dish out to celebrities is utterly amazing.
Then other top brands got involved, the major gain in an endorsement deal is the publicity and international attention it gets.
They went on to sponsor shows and musical concerts organized by these artists, going further by putting their songs on callertunes and wallpapers.
A network recently had a celeb double contest for their ambassadors, found their look alike and held a party for these people.

I think the media houses are most pleased with this particular concept. Most times, due to their(celebrities) excessively busy schedule they mostly unavailable. Media houses will want to reach out to them concerning a particular issue or a story, the employment of publicist makes their job easier, honest and it is absolutely on their on turf.
The stories they tell us through their publicist is what we digest.

International movie premiere.
Nollywood has been breaking grounds steadfastly.
HOAYS (Half of a Yellow Sun)
Lekki wives, the premier in the UK. Just to name a few. I am so appreciative of Nollywood. Their growth is utterly amazing, the amount of hard work and dedication is refreshing.
They not only the time they put into national premiere, the hard work and finances that go into international premiers. I never thought a time will come where Nollywood movies will premier internationally, but it has come. It has come to stay.
I raise my glass to toast to Nollywood.

Album listening parties.
Nigerians love to party.
Beautiful women, wine and good music.
This concept is absolutely legit.
Plus it is great publicity. Our counterparts have been at this forever, but it came to light in Nigeria awhile back.
I personally think it is more intense than an album launch, because the main aim of a listening party is to gauge the receptiveness of your work from close friends and associates.
It might even give you an idea as to your first Single.
by Oghomwen Toni-Osagie

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