READ: Ace Comedian Ali Baba Writes On Generosity, Says It’s Not By Force

SpiceBoss April 30, 2015 0

Ali Baba took to his instagram page to write thoughtful article on ‘Generosity’. Read Below;

“Generosity… Is a life dictate but no be by force oooo! You no know wetin the person you ask for help, also need help for. Just bear it in mind that, everyone has their personal battles. If someone is battling on how to pay school fees, it’s the wrongest time to ask the person for a small loan to make up the amount you want to use to buy an iPhone 6S that you saw at very good price. 

People will weigh what you want to do, against the sacrifice they have to make to help you or the important things on their to do list. They may choose to also consider your lifestyle and your capacity to pay back. Not to mention that major consideration of if they can afford to not get the loan back. There is also the matter of who needs help the most at the time you asked for it.

The person in hospital needing surgery or you who wants to buy a laptop for your business? Is it a guy who needs to pay school fees or your rent that is due? A single guy who needs cash or a single mum who has to feed herself and hers? Are you a generous person? Would you help others if it were you? Are you the person’s responsibility? What attitude did you exhibit when you asked for the assistance? There are people who do not have, but do not mind going broke to help you or even going to borrow to sort you out. However, some people just don’t like to help. They can have what they can help with, several times over, they still won’t help.

While you have some people who have donor fatigue and just need some time to recover. Sat with wealthy man last year, he taught me about dynamics of generosity. He said, “2 people get N10m… One decides to spend his on looking good. Shoes! Clothes! Perfumes! Good life! All the works…… The other spends his on doing good by spending on friends in need and family….. The wealthy man now asked me, who do you think society will consider the most successful? I answered the guy looking good. He said of course! And added, that is why anyone who likes to do good has to work harder so that his good works don’t come to nothing. Because, his 10m has to become 30m or else the stingy guys 10m will look like 30m, since Nigerians believe and live by what they see than what is real”

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