Orlando Bloom apologises to lady who was sacked because she had sexual relations with him

Caroline May 24, 2017 0

Orlando Bloom has reportedly apologized to a woman who was fired from her job after an alleged romp in his hotel room.

Reports said the woman, Viviana Ross, an aspiring actress, met the A-list actor at the Chiltern Firehouse hotel and eatery, where she worked and served him drinks in late April. After her shift, she and Orlando purportedly met up.

The Sun claims that she was let go from her job the following day after she was apparently discovered in his hotel suite that morning. Word is, she received a text telling her she’d been fired for “fraternizing with clients,” the Sun said.

Now, the tabloid reports that Orlando had reached out to apologize to the 21-year-old woman.

Since the two supposedly didn’t exchange numbers, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star called the restaurant for her number.

“Orlando got her number from the Chiltern Firehouse in London and called to make sure that Viviana was okay,” a source told the UK newspaper. “The call will have come out of the blue — he is a gentleman and he genuinely had no idea what had happened after he left the Chiltern Firehouse. He just said, ‘I am sorry about what happened.'”

A friend of Viviana said the now-former employee doesn’t regret the evening.

“There was real electricity between her and Orlando from the moment they saw each other,” the source said. “She said she had an amazing time”

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