NairaLand Rap Cypher 2015

Dope Boy May 23, 2015 0


It’s been a long time coming, the anticipation is palpable as the first installment of an audio Nairaland Cypher graces our speakers.

In spite of a host of setbacks militating against making the Cypher a reality, a quintet of emceez pulled all the stops to ensure that it came to being.

For all the years of inundating us mad ill scripts and supremely dope verses from a plethora of emceez, it was only right that it was all taken to the next level – AN AUDIO CYPHER!!!

Give it up for Navas, G’IYAZ, Lime’Rick, Obesemf and Sosiqdude.

These talented burgeoning emceez have blazed the trail in the nairaland republic by giving us this rendition of Rap mastery which is great not only for its pioneering status but also for its sheer brilliance. Need I say more? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2015 Nairaland Cypher!

Obesemf – he came with fire on this one! Spat a perfect verse with a perfect sizzling flow like he always did!
My favorite line from his verse: The streets dey my back like a selfie on the pavement! He produced this beat too!!

Lime’Rick – This dude stole the show right here! With illicit and explicit core lyrics enthwined with imagery and dark humor! He spat probably the best verse here! And when we all thought he was done he ambushed us with his flipping skills and blew our minds! Lime’Rick aka Concealed is no doubt; Dope!
My favorite line from his verse: Now make peace, was what I heard from all these
Insane freaks
But I won’t just bury the hatchet
I’ll bury them along with it

G’IYAZ – The god_of_music!! He was outta this world men! Spat a world class verse right here. . . . With that perfect delivery and flow magged up in ’em complexed lines!
G’IYAZ is a beast for sure! Came into the beat with this “angry” tone and finished work with the HORROR CORE LINES!!! He indeed is a god!
My favorite lines from his verse: Put the mic through your neck if your motherfuckers bore my fans


SosiqdudeThis dude came with a different braggadocio approach to this jam! He showed us he’s got no love for the beat, hence murdering it!
SosiQQ as shortly called, Is a vet who’s got the tendency to cause damage to instrumentals! He’s been killing beats since God knows when!
My favorite lines from his verse: Leader of the pack so back the fuck up/
Cos any MONKEY tryna rival is GONE GONE!

And lastly

Navas – The dude behind this crazy/d0pe mixing and mastering. He is the producer who producers should fear!!!!
WTF? I’ve never seen any producer who’s got some mad lyrical skills like this dude!
Not even Dr.Dre or Eminem can step to the plate! Navas is a god on his own lane!!
He didn’t fail to drop some heavy-weight lines on here too! He came with a nice flow and the perfect rhymes!!!

My favorite lines from his verse:
I bring the real so fast call me carlo ancelotti,
With a dick so fat tell me shorty do you want it?
It’s really just a warning, so be careful when I’m coming (cumming)
Got the ‘Ay’ flow but i ain’t really talking funny,

5-mic material from 5 dope lyricists!!! Lose yourselves in the mad rhythm of their intricate rhymes. . .



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