Muzik Streets’ Clash for the Cash Rap Battle Tournament (Season 1)

Uncle LooN January 26, 2015 0


The Muzik Streets’ Clash for the Cash Tournament is on with a cash prize of N10,ooo for the winner of the tournament. This is the pioneer tournament on The Streets¬† and will determine the candidates eligible for subsequent contests and the respectable members on The Streets.

The CFC1 tournament is a Text Rap Battle contest in which the Netcess post their lyrics which will be voted for by appointed Judges on various rounds.

The final winner takes the cash and becomes the reigning champion on The Streets until he is overthrown.

To sign up for the Tournament, create an account on The Streets, Introduce Yourself and when you have a minimum of 3 posts on the forum, apply to contest for the Tournament on the Sign-up thread.

As soon as the participants have been selected, the tournament begins.

Let the best Netcee win.

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