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Tha Ragga King, KING ZEEROWBADMAN drops yet another HIT.. with much love from his fans after listening to the song On Air, and with all the positive comment and appeal have to make sure his fans get the download link. Having the opportunity to interview this Ragga King, we realised the song is just his opinion of what  his fans and other music lover will like to call  a controversy. without much ado, i took the time to deliver you the lyrics.


Sck Dah! Yack Mbeh-Mbeh
Ku tuk mi oooooh…oooo
Kim Tah Yack Mkpe-Mkpe

ke okuk mi ooooooh–oooo

Sck Dah! Yack Mbeh-Mbeh
Ku tuk mi oooooh…oooo
Kim Tah Yack Mkpe-Mkpe

ke okuk mi

ke-ke-ke okuk mi
Verse one:
Bad mind cant hold i down,
never see we wearing no frown
higer-grade Jah-jah give we the crown
when the rude boy back in town
you go down
…from sun up till it sun down
stay online like the internet,
we never shut down
preset, super-teddy bear
i dont care
more money how we get it
up in here
go check your mind set
sum makje a buck of promise
but pocket reset
…on set how we sweat,
more money how we get the girl wet
…sck dah mmbe — mbeh
kim tah mmkpe — mkpe
make way,
no push me
outta gear
am not a clip and not a button
you cant push me

Get your fist of fury
cant explain to the jury
say man a rasta unrully
cant let your vision school mi
am not a book to study
am not a punk for ya’ll
so u get it ready…ready
ready moro-more…more
sin ku unek
just another one weh go break your nek
link up make we reconnect …connect
face up so we recollect ….connect
make up unno mind unno fear
change up
same engine new gear
prospects, more intellect
face up unno fear
brace up so we intercept bad mind
and find my way to the top
midnight sun
so we hotter than hot
bigg up for the youth them
so we never stop
real rasta man link up


now we smarter than money
how we turn super boy like bugs-bunny
never hate …never rate no body
only feed pon milk and honey
…..nuff ah dem still call we daddy cool
still we abide by the rule
we no friend batti ma
we no friend  fool
house fah mi muma dem
girl inna mi pool
….step inna the yard
fresh boy overrule
wind like a wheel pool
so we live it up
show the example
girl are work it up
butty fat sample…..

till fade


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