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warn them

T BABA is back, the king of the jungle to reclaim the street. This is a controversy song telling WHOM IT MAY CONCERN to sit up. G KROSS,  The EYEN EKPO CROONER ft JONNY KAGE drops WARN THEM to warn them. DOWNLOAD, DIGEST AND SHARE.



INTRO:  SHEBBI i tell state government make them hear my matter. i tell them for PMAN say my voice go cause fever ah. now my people dey here me and they dance to my instrumental. bad belle them see me and na so them just dey shiver ah (oh oooo oh oooo)


CHORUS: Warn them.   g-baba is back, the king of the jungle to reclaim the street. warn them.      pay artist their money no connive with PMAN chairman to cheat.  warn them.  u cannot attack me, u are all too small u know am the street. oooo no no warn them. no time for defeat. more reason this song must hit


VERSE 1(BY G-KROSS):- Since 2/4. i’ve been doing good jams for my people to hear. since 2/4. i scattered many stages i hope u heard. the bad thing be say, my state government despise me on the way. treat my calli artist like mumu, 15k abi na money for konu. we need a change nah nah. u get to treat us much better nah nah. am the new born moses, my new task is to take my people from Egypt. how do u encourage us?, only one state show in a year yet you cant pay us. how do we focus?, when after audition you use wayo to play us. is it fair to all?. they reserve show for their homo partner all. is it fair to all?. they need bribe to give us one show at all.




VERSE 2 (BY JONNY KAGE):- Some people collect 15 thousand. some people collect 100 thousand . would u believe? would u believe me now? say some people collect 15 thousand. some people collect 100 thousand. and would u believe me now. oh no no no. if i dey lie lantern go shock me oooo. chicken go bite me ooooo. if i dey lie  lie lie. oh no no. yeah yeah.say some people collect 100 thousand and na 15 thousand. na warning we warn them. na warning we warn them ooooooo





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