Mavin Records And Don Jazzy’s Impotent Artistes

Uncle LooN July 31, 2013 0

When Mo’Hit had its Don Jazzy/D’banj separation war, I would be honest, I thumb printed on Don Jazzy’s new gang, Mavin Records, as the better side. The truth is after several months, the artistes under Mavin Records have shown their true colours and I must confess, it’s worse than colour riot! Mavin Records is now a collection of confused and powerless
artistes. The achievements of Mavin Records and DB Records have shown us that Don Jazzy was the creative guy while D’banj was the business man. The way they have managed their respective businesses have shown what they brought to Mo’Hit’s table. Enough of Mo’Hits, now let’s focus on Mavin Records. I must confess that since D’banj left, Don Jazzy has continued to make magical beats but none of his artistes have been able to vocally make love with his beats like Dbanj did. D’banj had intercourse with Don Jazzy’s production; the chemistry was marvelous! Now that D’banj has gone to eat from Kanye West’s musical kitchen, Don Jazzy is left with a collection of musically impotent artistes! Since D’banj slammed the Mo’Hits door for his DB Records,we have not seen another charismatic artiste fly on Don Jazzy’s
bewitching beats and it takes more than good beats to make a true artiste. Fela Kuti gave us good sounds, philosophical lyrics, charisma and fashion . All these, Mavin Records artistes lack.

Wande Coal:
Came on board with good singing skills but has since stopped singing and has started talking on beats like Dbanj did. One finds it hard not to believe that Mavin Artistes (Tiwa excluded) have adopted Dbanj’s style as the only way to conquer the musical world. That’s too bad.

Dr. Sid:
Music shouldn’t be Dr. Sid’s profession. I think he should go back to the hospital and try his luck there. Before now, he said D’banj was his stumbling block. D’banj is out, yet Dr. Sid hasn’t become a super star. With all the great beats from Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid has not been able to put the right vocal key to ignite his super stardom.

D Prince:
This guy shouldn’t even be a musician in the first place. Ok, he has the sex appeal to an extent which ladies love but he hasn’t been able to leverage on that musically.

Tiwa Savage:
This damsel and Wande Coal are the only musicians on the label but since Tiwa Savage got to Mavin Records, she has not seen her period. Period!
In summary, it will be very hard to sell most of the Mavin guys as stand-alone brands. Most of them lack what it takes to be an enigma. Besides Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy himself, nobody else will easily be seen as a complete brand. My advise to Don Jazzy is to open his toilet and flush some artistes out of the Mavin building.

Culled from Djbond of Nairaland.
And I totally agree with him. I expected more from Mavin Records but D’banj seems to be dishing it out better.
What do y’all think, which is better, the DKM album by D’banj or Solar Plexus by Mavin Records?

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