Interview : Street Talk With Fikayo Sipe

SpiceBoss August 10, 2015 0

Dear  readers, I met someone I know you all should know. He has released
some good stuff. Finally I got the opportunity to have a chat with him please do enjoy.

Q: Good Day Fikayo Sipe, how are you doing?

A: I’m fine sir, u?

Q: Welcome to muzikstreets exclusive interview, Do introduce yourself

A: My name is Fikayo Sipe, i’m the first son of a family of 5, i’m 18 years of age and also a student of Babcock University

Q: So how would you describe your Growing up , Education Background and Early influences on your music ?

A: Well I’ve lived in ojuelegba all my life, and as most people know it’s a very busy place & that had an effect on me, cos as my likes to recall jokingly that my first words were ‘ojuelegba shitta!’…i had my primary school education near my home and my secondary school education at Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary at Ikorodu & im currently schooling at Babcock University, My early music influences were artistes like Kanye west, Jay Z & 2 face

Q: So why music? Why did you choose this profession?

A: Even though it’s cliche to say, Music is my life. It keeps me going, and you can rarely ever find me far from my headphones, and then it just turned out that I’m gifted vocally, so it only makes sense I follow my passion

Q: Who are you role-models, mentors or hero?

A: Role models go to artistes like Kanye west, drake, kendrick lamr & j.Cole, I can’t say I have a mentor (music-wise) at the moment but my heroes are definitely my parents, and every other person that believes and supports me

Q:  So how would you describe your fashion sense?

A: Definitely comfort first, I don’t care much for trends or style if I’m not comfortable..and I also don’t like brightly coloured clothes

Q: Do you have any style icon? Any favorite designer? Any favorite perfume?

A: Naa I don’t..i’m not that interested in anything ‘fashion’ so I don’t have a favourite anything in that department

Q: What’s Your Major challenge and how do you managed or still manage it?

A: I think my major challenge would be fear, fear of my best not being good enough, I manage it by realising that if I don’t try, then I should just give up on the spot..when u think of it in that makes it easier for you to realise you don’t have a choice but to succeed

Q: What is a typical day in your life like? Describe yourself in 3 words

A:Hmm..It depends on where I am, when I’m home im usually just in the house because I don’t like to go out much but when I’m school, I spend my day with friends. I don’t really know what 3 words i’ll classify myself with but i’ll say Cool, Nice & Introverted

Q: As a very attractive guy, how do you manage your female/male fans?
Is there any upcoming project or anything new your fans should expect soon or in the nearest future? What label are you signed onto

A: Lol, see whining..well at this point in my career, it’s pretty easy to handle fans, it’s just a normal friendship kind of thing, it hasn’t gotten crazy yet..and as for projects, you should definitely expect something from me soon, a title hasn’t been decided upon yet, and am currently an Independent artiste at the moment

Q: What inspires your songs? Who and what do you think is a competition to you in your industry?

A: My past experiences, my environments and the artists I look up to..i don’t necessarily feel I’m competing with anyone in the industry, cause it’s all really about building a niche for yourself but in the plain sense, people I feel are to watch out for are the artists of the ‘new school’ in Nigeria, who are too many to name but are all talented

Q: Define your brand? Aside your career what else do you do? Plans in next 5yrs? How often do you work with upcoming acts?

A: I’ll define my brand by saying I’m the type of artiste who’s exploring sounds, and is also trying figure out who he is, and as I said earlier, im a student of Babcock University, my course of study is International Law & Diplomacy, so I plan finishing with my Bachelors degree & then hopefully getting a second degree in Law..I believe I can say all the artistes I work with are upcoming, because I believe if we all have a goal, coming together to achieve it will make it much easier, so I always tend to work with a group of upcoming artistes

Q: Any Favorite quotes

A: Hmm..i don’t believe I have one particular one, I have a lot of quotes I cherish

Q: Has your relationship with your fans and family changed since you came into the hotspot?

A: Naa not at all, i’m always very accessible, i’m still striving to stay connected to my family though because when you’re busy it’s hard to stay in touch

Q: Before we round up,I know all your female fans have been wanting to read this perticular question, so, do you mind telling us about your love life? Are you single or hooked?

A: Lol, i’d rather keep my love life private but I can say that I’m single at the moment

Q: finally what will you like to say to your fans,lovers and well wishers?like a word of advice

A: I’ll like to tell them to remember God above all, cause that’s what really matters, everything else should come second

Thanks For Reading , Download His Latest Single Here »» Fikayo Sipe – In The Mood (Download)

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