Inflatable- Zone Air Track and Zorb Balls

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Inflatable-Zone Air Tracks and Zorb Ball

Inflatable Air Tracks

Inflatable air tracks produced by Inflatable-Zone Company are topnotch. Our air tracks are not only light weight, their assemblage is very easy when the need arises. Our Inflatable Air Tracks can be positioned on any surface prior to use. The time frame for pumping in air and decreasing the air is relatively short making it ideal for emergency use. One distinguishing factor of our high quality air track is its “zero sound” when in use, this is because constant inflation is minimized. The blower used for inflating the device is weightless. The force exerted into this device can be controlled. Training and practicing various techniques on this air track is made fun, all thanks to rebound it creates after the first jump.

Due to its lightweight, mobility of this device is easy. It can be moved from one location of your choice to the other. The launching pad is very bouncy and less firm hence preventing bodily damages.

Inflatable- Zone’s air track is secure, strong and very flexible for use. They can be used for recreational activities in outdoor parks, lawns, backyards and playhouse. They are also suitable for use by cheerleaders, fitness enthusiasts and gymnasts.

Inflatable-Zone’s Inflatable air tracks come in different colors which include; black, pink, yellow etc.

Our Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tarpaulin can be used for stretching and loosening up before exercises. The design of this recreational device was done to meet European Standard. Our durable air track lasts a really long time, with a warranty of about 3 years. In order to meet customers’ demands and their preferences, Inflatable-Zone offer custom sizes.


Inflatable-Zone’s Zorb Ball

Inflatable-Zone’s zorb ball is a fun device for leisure and games. Our zorb balls are excellent for rolling down the hill or even a flat surface.

Inflatable-Zone’s zorb balls are inflatable and they are the rave of the moment. In our zorb ball, the fear of being fastened to interior of a rolling ball is alleviated. The user’s safety is very much guaranteed in this specially designed plastic casing of ours.  The pressure of rolling downhill is taken in by the outer casing which is cushioned with air. As you roll over, from head to toes, the generated force radiating from the center keeps the occupant stationed to the inner walls of the ball so it feels as though the occupant’s weight is feathery and the ride is more enjoyable.

Security Information:

Usage of this recreational ball should be done with discretion for individuals suffering from hypertension and musco-skeletal problems. Elderly men and women are also not advised to use a zorb ball.

Items in the Inflatable- Zone’s Box

Unboxing this device is as fun as rolling in it. It comes with so many features which include:

  • A zorb ball, a blower (for inflating the ball), zipper oil (for lubrication), glue and storage case.
  • Inflatable- Zone’s Polyvinyl Chloride ball is environmentally safe, resists cold, very water proof and shock resistant. Our zorb balls can also be custom made to suit our customers’ preference.
  • The device comes with a 1 year warranty. Our Zorb balls can be utilized on a snowy plot of land, Zorb slope or a grassland area.

Kindly go through the website below and make any order of your choice. Thank you!

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