I see nothing wrong in exchanging sex for movie roles-Sucess Asibor

Caroline March 11, 2017 0

Nollywood actress, Success Asibor, is of the notion that sex exchange for movie roles is just as normal as every other thing.

Short Excerpt from the interview with Sun News

Has any producer told you that if I don’t have sex with you, I won’t give you role?

Yes, several times and I don’t see it as a big deal. It happens in other industries too. There’s always sexual harassment in other sectors; you see lecturers asking their students for sex before they can pass them. Even some bosses in corporate organisations ask their subordinates for sex before they can be promoted. But the ability to make you stand out, makes you who you are. I can’t say because I’m not picked for a role, I will now go and sleep with the producer or director. Never! That’s not me.

You are a beautiful lady, what is your beauty routine?

Thank you. To maintain a fair skin is a whole lot of work, and my skin is very delicate, I react to any irritation. So, I try as much as I can not to share towel, bathing soap or cream with anybody. I take two glasses of warm water every morning and night. And I eat more of vegetables and fruits.

[b]You once said that your boobs are your selling points, how do you maintain them to remain your selling points?

I used to think that my boobs are my selling points, but now my brain is my selling point because I have a lot in there that is very profitable for the movie industry. As for my boobs, I don’t tie wrapper on my chest for any reason, because it sags the boobs. I don’t wear bras with iron underneath and I don’t sleep with my bra on.

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