Desmond Elliot Denies Being A Snub Since He Became A Politician

Damilola Duke September 7, 2015 0
The talented actor who was recently elected as a member of the Lagos State House of Representative for Surulere constituency has been labelled a ‘snub’ since his emergence…He has however denied this during a recent interview..He said that he has no political godfather and nothing has changed about him since he became a politician.

“I really beg to be different when it comes to politics. I didn’t go in as a poor man, I didn’t go in because I don’t have money to eat, that’s why I never changed my twitter or Instagram handle. I do everything myself, nothing changed about me.” “I hate when people over bloat themselves.

For me service Is what it’s supposed to be, that’s why from the beginning of my campaign, I never wanted any political godfather, no one is telling me I put you there, then you must do this for me. I’m eternally grateful to my party for seeing me worthy to be in that position” “I don’t have an entourage, I just have myself, my PA and my driver and most times I do the driving myself. It’s a call to service because coming from a popular stand point I’m not seeking for popularity, the aim to leave a legacy of success and real change, he added.”

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