Controversial socialite,Pretty Mike is heartbroken

Caroline March 11, 2017 0

He wrote this on Instagram;

I am finally SINGLE agai and I ’m so not happy
… . . I Thank God i have my dear friends that
will help me during this recovery .
This RELATIONSHIP lasted quite longer than I
thought it would . Never thought this day would
come , I am so stressed. If you only knew what
I have been going through you’ d understand
better, but I never really put my personal
business out to the public .
All the pain, heartbreaks , sleepless
nights , arguments, fights , headaches , chills ,
sicknesses , breakdowns , blames ,
assumptions ,
selflessness , downfalls, bitterness, tears ,
carelessness , pride , lies,
lies , lies I ’ ve had to endure.
I was so tired , tired of sharing , tired of caring,
tired of suffering , tired of pain, tired of praying
, tired of blaming , tired of everything , and
most definitely TIRED OF THE PERSON that’ s
reading this post only because it’ s DRAMA
excites YOU ALL and now you’ re mad because this post is NOT TRUE and you just wasted 1
minute of your life reading 146 words that a lot
of you wish were
real , # DramaSells #DramaDriven Dont be shy ,
drop your comment if you fell 4 this #
BadGang #husbandmaterial #WeatherMan
#NipplesLover # UpToSomething

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