Chelsea FC and Tottenham FC to Share Wembley Stadium as Home Ground

Damilola Duke September 10, 2015 0


The FA has given the go ahead for Chelsea and Tottenham to use Wembley as a temporary home while their respective stadiums are being redeveloped.

Both clubs are said to be interested in using Wembley to play their home games due to the circumstances. Chelsea may have to leave Stamford Bridge for up to 2 seasons if the £500m redevelopment plan of Stamford Bridge is allowed to take place.

We are there to provide help. We are the national stadium and seeking to use it more is what we are all about. We have an obligation to football. I’m not talking specific clubs but it’s in our interest as an association for clubs to redevelop their grounds, make superb facilities and if it’s possible to help them in that transition by using Wembley, we are absolutely supportive of that.

The Premier League would allow both Chelsea and Tottenham to share Wembley but only for a season however. They will also not allow a club to play home league games at more than one stadium in that season.

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