The burden of stardom is heavy on my kids- Ramsey Noah

Caroline June 22, 2017 0

According to him, due to the constant backlash, it is always difficult for him to go out with his kids and have fun. He made the revelation in an interview with Ghana’s JoyNews.
He said most often he tries to be nice to his fans to the detriment of his kids who deserve his undivided attention.
“My kids suffer a whole lot of backlash [because] of my profession because it’s pretty hard for us to go out and have fun in public places.

Most times when I go, I always have to be nice to the fans, taking pictures and neglecting them and they feel bad about it, they don’t enjoy it,” he narrated.
The unfortunate development is no fault of his, he noted, explaining that,“unfortunately, that is the cross they have to carry and that’s been going on for years.most times I enjoy most of the best moments with my kids in private.”
Ramsey Nouah said he tries to keep his children out of the public eye.
“I want them to have a mind of their own. I don’t want them to believe that [they can] back ride on the glory of their father, no. I want a situation where they can become independent and they can take this chance of their own. It’s a mentality that I [try to] curb.”
While he enjoys his work as an actor, he won’t push his kids into the profession.
“A couple of people ask me, your kids, will you bring them into acting… it’s their choice. I wouldn’t forcibly train them in the line of acting but I will train them in whatever I see that they are more comfortable with,” Ramsey said.

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