Jasper Stunch May 31, 2016 0

[Verse] Trips

It’s like ma heart beats outta sync with love’s rhythm/
I thought I had a shot till I saw her dance with him/
It cut like a knife, and hurt just breathing/
Are there worse things in life than to be the one watching?
                     While she/
Romance and flings/
Like there goes the lady at the center of my plans and dreams/
Cup my mouth with my palms and scream/
I know ma chance is slim/
Though nothing ever is as they seem/
Cus I heard he cheats and he takes for granted how she feels/
He’s abusive but she loves him still/
And it kills that a man would raise finger at a girl so sweet,
I could fall down and worship at her feet/
All this time I had the number but I just couldn’t call her/
And time goes by; I grow a beard and got taller/
Ma heart skipped many beats last when I saw her/
Everything’s changed but the way I feel for her/
Is there anything more frustrating/
Than obsession; it’s killing/
I dated girls but none of them could replicate the feeling/
A disease of the mind, it’s like a life long crush/
If she dates another guy I swear ma life’s gonna crash/
So when I heard she broke up, I thought I’d drop by/          She always made me shy I could hardly say hi/    
When I saw that face I thought I’d drop down and die/
The whole world stops when you look into her eyes/
And she was crying, but I didn’t know why/
It seemed a bad time, but I was gonna try/
To console, give a shoulder hold her hands through her trials/
Every girl could use a soldier in a world so vile/
I said something funny, and somehow it made her smile/
I couldn’t believe she smiled/
Like you should see her smile/
Those sparkly white teeth make fireworks go off/
It was so reassuring, made ma long wait pay off/
She dreamt to tour the globe/
She was smart I heard the word DOYEN for the very first time when she spoke/
We drink and we smoke/
Like I would with ma folks/
And she laughed at my jokes/
Didn’t care that I was broke/
Chat all night, there were days we couldn’t sleep/
True love don’t wear off easy when it grips/
I could feel ma heart failing when she said I love you Trips/
And I died and went to heaven on the day she kissed my lips/
When we made love it was unreal/
I could have sworn I was dreaming it was too damn good to be real/
She made me promise I’d never ever leave her/
It was all I ever wanted and I prayed it last forever-
But good things only last so long/
Cus one night when we called me I knew something gone wrong/
She told me she was pregnant, 3 months gone and/
I was only 22 she was 3 years younger/
We were both too young to be parent/
Though when I thought about it, it wasn’t so unpleasant/
We’d get to live together, with our little junior/
I hoped he had her eyes, but my sense of humor/
Someone to idolize, and call me daddy/
I began to fantasize, if she a girl I’d call her Betty/
I’m thinking all the pretty baby things already/
All the teddy bears, little story books and Barbie/
But she wanted it aborted; she said her daddy gonna kill her/
And I knew about the danger, so I just couldn’t let her/
So she cursed, and she yelled, and she shoved, and she raged, and she cried/
It’s funny how you think you know a girl till your first fight/
But in the end my position was to support her/
Whatever her decision there was no way I could stop her/
Said she wanted money, the first I ever gave her/
Kissed me and said honey, I’ll call you when it’s over/
When she left I got a premonition and I’m shaken/
I couldn’t live with myself if something bad happened/
But she still aint called me and its half past eight/
So I had to go find her Cus ma heart couldn’t wait/
When I saw a crowd gather at her place, I was scared/
I asked someone, he said the worse thing I ever heard/
Said “she went for an abortion but the pregnancy was four months late, and by the time we got to her, she had bled to her death”.

                                  [Chorus] yet to be identified artist
One more night 3x
Stay with me/
One more night/
Give me just one more chance/
One more dance/
I’ll give anything to hold you, one last time.

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