9ice apologies to ruggedman

Dapo January 25, 2016 0

In the wake of apologizing to his previous wife Toni Payne on January 22, 2015 and expressing that she never undermined him when they were hitched, 9ice has likewise apologized to rapper Ruggedman.

In a meeting with Sunday Sun, 9ice said "I’m talking for the sake of peace and for the sake of settling feelings of resentment. I’m discussing with Ruggedman, I’m discussing with Toni Payne and I’m discussing my adventure with the press. Whatever has happened as from today I’m putting behind me and setting new models; I’m carrying on with another life."

9ice went ahead to talk on what created the six-year-old fracture with Rugged Man. "I contemplate the issue with the press is because of a song I released titled, Once Beaten Twice Shy. That song turned out when I was having conjugal issues.

A few individuals grabbed stuff in the song and said ‘alright, he should be talking about Ruggedman.’ And before you could say Jackie Robinson, it was all over the place! That was the main issue I had with Ruggedman. Give me a chance to express that Ruggedman and Tony Payne issue never emerged; it was never an issue. I’m matured now. I have a family now. To err is human however to forgive is divine.

I’m utilizing this stage to apologize to my companion from another mother, Stephens Ugochukwu otherwise known as Ruggedman. What’s more, to the press I’m stating that I’m extremely sad, you all ought to simply overlook my error. On the off chance that I have insulted you in any case, I’m exceptionally sorry."

The Alapomeji vocalist additionally said there is a solid plausibility of him doing a song with Rugged Man. In 2007 Rugged Man included 9ice on his single ‘Ruggedy Baba’.

When he was inquired as to whether there’s any plausibility of him attaching with Toni Payne again 9ice said "Getting back together depends on what you mean. At this moment, she has overlooked me and I have forgotten her. She’s pushing forward and I’m advancing however we have a child to raise, and that is the most critical thing at this moment. Whether she will settle in my home is something I can’t tell until further notice; we can just sit back and watch."

Toward the start of the year 9ice said he is still a companions to Toni Payne.

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